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How to Get a Passport in Three Hours and Somehow Still Make Your Flight

10 Nov

My morning started around 5:30am when I had to wake up and get mildly dressed to drive my girlfriend to LAX to catch her early flight that would put her in Costa Rica a day ahead of my friends and me, who had all booked an insane $267 round-trip ticket that including an 8-hour nighttime layover in Miami that was no longer available by the time she decided to join us.

Having made the trip from downtown to LAX and back in record time, admiring how incredible the LA freeway system is (when no one else is on it), I watched the Daily Show on my laptop and went back to sleep. A bit later on, I had a leisurely morning, packed the last few things I needed, and went out the door at around 11:30am, on my way from our downtown loft to the Pershing Square metro station. The plan was to go on from there to Union Station and then take the flyaway bus to LAX. Once I boarded, at around 11:45am, in between Pershing Square and the next stop, I double-checked my back pocket to make sure my passport was still there.

It wasn’t.

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